At APC we understand that there is only one Earth.  We are completely committed to the longevity of our planet, so we started making environmentally responsible solutions for your everyday paper needs.  We began with our high capacity roll towels and our coreless tissue. Since then we have introduced our Eco Green® brand of Green Seal Certified products.


  • 100% Recycled Paper Fiber.
  • Minimum 50% post consumer material with the remaining 50% being post industrial paper content.
  • Packaging made from recycled material using environmentally safer dyes and inks.

Paper Making

  • Process chlorine free (PCF).
  • Reduces water discharge. Deinking process reduces effluent 21-31%. *


  • Reduces impact on landfills. Use of one ton of post-consumer fiber reduces the impact on landfills by 3.3 cubic yards of space. *
  • Reduce virgin wood consumption by 3.5 tons of wood that would be needed to manufacture one ton of tissue. *

* Choose Green Report, March 2004, Green Seal Inc.

Green SealTM

Green Seal TM is an independent, non-profit organization that strives to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment by identifyingand promoting products and services that cause less toxic pollution and waste, conserve habitats, and minimize global warming and ozone depletion.

Eco Green®

Eco Green ® is made from 100% recycled paper; with a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste and 50% post industrial recycled content. For every 1 ton of post-consumer fiber recycled, it reduces the impact on landfills by 3.3 cubic yards of space. *

Our high capacity towels combined with controlled use dispensers is a great way to reduce costs and virtually eliminate waste.They carry one 900’ roll plus a stub roll with an automatic transfer feature.  Our Small Core and Coreless tissues reduce waste and allows for the maximum amount of tissue available to fit on one roll.  These are a few examples to decrease waste, while saving the environment with less packaging and recycling paper.

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